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weightlifting trainer level 1 & 2


weightlifting trainer level 1 & 2


weightlifting trainer level 1 & 2


weightlifting trainer level 1 & 2

Registrations close 2 weeks before the start of a course

Schedule for all MILO courses and locations

Weightlift trainer

Course weightlifting trainer

level 1 & 2

With NGB - Federal Certificate: Junior Coach


Training locations

  1. Milo Opleidingen - dependance Antwerp, Belgium, Weightlifting trainer Level 1 & 2. Location: The Body Base, Covelierstraat 15, 2600 Antwerp, teacher Thomas Peeters.

  2. Milo Opleidingen - dependance Amsterdam Weightlifting trainer Level 1 & 2. Location: Sportquest, Hobbemakade 7, 1071 XK Amsterdam, teacher Drs. Tom Bruijnen.



For who is this course intended? For anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the techniques of Olympic weightlifting, or wants to give instruction to practitioners of other sports, personal trainers, strength trainers, CrossFitters etc. No entry level required.


Description level 1 & 2

A proven and effective learning method for faster learning techniques

Personal skill and how to teach others

What are the most common mistakes (with multiple images)

How do errors occur (with multiple images)

What exercises or simple tools can you use correct them (with multiple images)

The basis of biomechanics in weight lifting

Basic principles of weight training are discussed

Multiple training schedules for learning and implementing techniques

Videos for each exercise

Videos of exercises to improve mobility

Video of a cooling down

Video of a warming up for weightlifting

How to implement fitness, versatile athletic training and general condition training into your schedules and much more


Course material module 1 (level 1 & 2)

Course book

Course material on techniques.

Course material about correcting mistakes.

Course material on learning methodology.

Video of main exercises.

Video of exercises to increase mobility.

Multiple training schedules for effective implementation of the techniques


Milo courses offers weight training programs at various levels including exams and provided with a NGB federation certificate and/or federation license. The Milo courses are to the point, so that you can function independently on a high level in an as short time as possible

Supply conditions

  1. Training continues on the date of registration with a minimum of 3 students

  2. If the number of course participants is less than three, Milo Opleidingen offers the course participant the opportunity to follow the course at another location of his/her choice, or to participate the following course at the location of enrolment.

  3. Training is offered at the same location at least twice a year

  4. The student cannot request a refund of registration fees if a training on location of choice cannot continue, as Milo offers sufficient alternatives

  5. Milo guarantees that accredited trainers meet the quality requirements set by the NGB and receive regular updated training

Cost price: € 549,- excl. VAT


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coveliersstraat 15

2600 Berchem

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