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Strength and Conditioning Coach


We train the trainers!

With NGB – Federal Certificate: Junior Coach

For who is this course intended? For anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the techniques of Olympic weightlifting, or wants to give instruction to practitioners of other sports, personal trainers, strength trainers, CrossFitters etc. No entry level required.


Milo is a character from Greek mythology. The story goes that Milo started lifting a newborn veal every day. As the veal grew en became heavier day by day, Milo gradually got stronger.

Milo, who was gaining strenght by lifting this growing veal on a daily basis, is considered to be the founder of the idea of modern progressive resistance training; strength can only be gained by progressively adding weight to your training over time.

The Body Base personal trainer en strength en conditioning trainer met een NGB bondscertificaat voor opleidingen tot gewichtheftrainer niveau 1 en 2



As an eight-year-old boy, Thomas's great passion for sport was fueled for the first time by his uncle Jules Kumpen who let him train in his boxing club De Ring in Tienen. He used to spent all his school holidays and weekends to train there as much as possible. In order to be able to work out at home, he sought a boxing club closer to home (he lived in Essen) and ended up at Thai boxing club Dominator Bulldogs under the direction of André Masseurs. Thomas soon fought his first matches in the youth class. In his first year for adults, he won a WFCA Benelux title fight at the age of sixteen.


By years of intensive boxing, the interest in different training methods grew. That is why, after his secondary school, he obtained a Bachelor in Physical Education at Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp. Besides his job as a physical education teacher, he also worked in a sports club as a fitness coach. Meanwhile, he followed additional training courses, making him an acknowledged box trainer (VTS) and Olympic weight lift coach. Shortly thereafter, he quit his job as a sports teacher at secondary school to dedicate himself completely to guiding people to their physical goals, as strength and conditioning coach.


By applying different training systems and philosophies, the people he trains are not limited to just one vision or method. He links the right system to each person, depending on the goals that they want to achieve. In addition to individual coaching, Thomas and Olympic weight lifting club MILO in Assen (NL) and Sportquest in Amsterdam (NL) have started a project to train trainers and athletes to become recognized Olympic weight lifters. This clear and practical training was created by renowned Olympic weight lift coach Remco Eenink. Anyone who successfully completes this course will receive a diploma with a certificate from the Dutch Weightlifting Association (NGB), which is internationally recognized.



De opleiding Gewichtheftrainer Niveau 1 en 2 is een pittige cursus, waar je op een zeer korte tijd niet enkel de praktijk maar ook belangrijke inzichten meekrijgt over verschillende ontwikkelingsfase en opbouwtraining. Wat zeer dankbaar is voor ieder startende Personal Trainer die zichzelf en zijn beroep au serieux wil nemen. De nodige flexibiliteit is wel vereist, maar docent Thomas Peeters is een kordate maar eveneens motiverende coach. Zijn kennis over dit vakgebied reikt zeer ver waardoor je ook als leerling makkelijk kan doorvragen op de materie. Hij is in zijn lesgeven doelgericht maar tegelijkertijd ook voldoende joviaal naar zijn studenten toe zodat de moed nooit in de schoenen zakt. Thomas geeft een veilig gevoel en zorgt ervoor dat iedereen zich op zijn gemak voelt. Kort: een fijn man om les van te krijgen. Thomas geeft daarnaast ook duidelijke instructies met goede aanmoediging en constructieve feedback.


Top opleiding! Had geen enkel ervaring met olympisch gewichtsheffen. Dankzij deze vooral praktische opleiding heb ik een sterke basis om de lifts op een goede technische manier uit te voeren. Wat ik vooral erg belangrijk vind is dat ik nu de tools heb om op een gestructureerde en efficiënte manier de toch technische lifts aan kan leren aan anderen. 


I have been training with Thomas for 3 years and he has helped me completely change my life around. He caters your program to your specific needs and helps you focus your energy and effort in the right direction. He not only teaches you the correct method of performing each excercise but also carefully (and scientifically) explains why each part of the process is key. Moreover, he takes a holistic approach to health and guides you in other aspects of your life so that you can stay on track and reach your goals. His no-bullshit approach to health and fitness was exactly what I needed!



Strength and Conditioning Coach

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