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Milo is a character from Greek mythology. The story goes that Milo started lifting a newborn veal every day. As the veal grew en became heavier day by day, Milo gradually got stronger.


Milo, who was gaining strenght by lifting this growing veal on a daily basis, is considered to be the founder of the idea of modern progressive resistance training; strength can only be gained by progressively adding weight to your training over time.


There are two big challenges when it comes to progressive resistance training; Determining exactly which load to lift per training excercise and knowing when to incorporate a light(er) training, which is necessary for recovery. Lifting the correct weights and a proper recovery are abosolutely crucial to be successful in weightlifting.


Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to calculate these numbers, due to the fact that too many personal factors are involved; each person has a different physique, is weightlifting you profession or merely a hobby, However, what we do know is that the recovery time changes with age and is partly determined by body weight and by several individual aspects. Nevertheless, it is possible to still achieve great results at an older age. In 1974, the world record (256kg) of a jerk was broken by Alexejev at the age of 36. Only an experienced weightlifing trainer can determine the right lifting load. Most people train too often, with weights that are too heavy, which prevents them from reaching their goals.


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